The Truth & Facts About Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The demand for weight loss products has been increasing, with every passing day. This can be because of the rapidly increasing obesity rates in the youth of today.

Considering the availability of a lot more variety and products, it is becoming a very big hassle for individuals to choose the perfect, weight loss product for themselves. However, the product we found as a fast weight loss solution is, Garcinia Extra.

What is garcinia extra?

Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Garcinia extra is a very effective fat burner that is extracted from the core of the fruit called garcina cambogia. The fruit has been around for a lot of time now and its fat loss characteristics are worth working on.

Research suggests that Garcinia Extra is a very powerful, weight loss agent, as positive results have been observed in overweight people, during a small period of time. To your surprise, the changes are of around 12 to 15 pounds per month. Losing 12 to 15 pounds per month without indulging in the hassle of any exercise or changing your diet is indeed a very exciting preposition!

What are the benefits of Garcinia extra?

The benefits of garcinia extra are listed below:

1) Garcinia extra helps people in losing weight during a very short period of time.

2) The product does its work by acting as a dual fat burner. That is, it controls hunger and prevents excess production of body fats.

3)  It promotes weight loss without ‘demanding’ any major alteration in your diet or workouts. a good explanation about diet pills

4) Garcinia cambogia is proven to reduce extra fat from all areas of the body. The waistline, along with thighs, arms and butts are guaranteed to shrink. This will make your figure look even more attractive and lissome.

5) The product helps in giving you both your perfect figure and your desired weight, that is, it shapes your body, besides shedding weight.

6) The ingredients, unlike many other products, are completely natural and are made in an FDA approved laboratory. The ingredients mostly consist of the fat burning fruits, garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketone.

What are the ingredients of Garcinia Extra?

Garcinia Extra Ingredients

The ingredients of Garcinia extra as mentioned above are very natural. These are compiled into the product in a FDA approved laboratory which further builds on the credentials of it being completely safe for the body.

  • The product contains the weight loss agent, carcinia cambogia. Garcinia cambogia is known for its rapid weight loss powers. It does not just act as a fat burner, but also acts as an appetite suppressant and as a mood enhancer. The three mentioned things bring forth a perfect combination for weight loss.
  • The second ingredient of the product is raspberry ketone. Raspberry ketone helps in the incineration of fat and further adds adiponectin to the body. Adiponectin helps to pace metabolism, whilst, is known to double the weight loss potentials.
  • Garcinia extra adds a further blend to the aforementioned ingredients by inculcating 10 mgs of magnesium stearate.

These ingredients, blend and inculcate together to form a brilliant combination which holds the key to effective and quick weight loss.

How does garcinia extra work?

The product and its ingredients work in a very effective way to fulfill the expectations of the user. However, the ingredient that plays the actual role in slimming down your body is garcinia cambogia. Basically, it contains a very active compound called hydroxycitrus acid which is proven to aid in the fat burning process of the body.

The compound does so by blocking an enzyme called citrate lyase, which assists in the production of body fats. Furthermore, hydroxycitrus acid, levels the brain chemical called serotonin, which eventually makes the user feel less hungry! best weight loss solution

What are the side effects of Garcinia extra?

Garcinia Extra Before and After

The product is composed of natural, yet highly effectual ingredients like garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones, which are well researched to be safe. Furthermore, it only includes ingredients that have been scientifically tested and experimented.

However, there have been a few incidents of people reporting minor changes in their routines after the consumption of this product. These changes are:

1) Dizziness.

2) Dry mouth.

3) Headache

4) Diarrhea

As you can notice, these effects are mild, whilst, are likely to be settled on their own, once the body ‘accepts’ the ingredients transported through the supplement. The product is indeed very safe and if taken with proper consultation with a nutritionist or a doctor, will result in no adverse effects whatsoever.


With a complete set of scientifically proven ingredients, garcinia extra comes across as a very effective product. Both garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketone are believed to be the brilliant fat burners that act as the backbone of this product!

With its appetite suppressing powers and fat incineration properties, it becomes a product worth recommending!

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