Throw out “loads” of it

Enjoying some alone time and on the verge of exploding, but are disappointed with the less quantity of cum? Men too can have problems with their product. Believe it or not but having a small penis is not the only things that most men worry about. Blue movies have given couples goals of making their sex life more enjoyable with extended time and “loads” of cum.

But these actors work pretty hard on faking it all by taking pills which cannot be taken on daily basis by a commoner. Some men are ashamed of their little dong while other are embarrassed of the low volume of cum. The more you shoot out, the more relaxed you feel but some guys do not produce much as compared to others and so are usually labeled as “impotent”. It is a common belief that guys who produce less cum and ejaculate in low quantity cannot have babies which is of course a myth.

Not being able to ejaculate MORE can lead to weak orgasms and so sex won’t be pleasure for the both of you. For all those men who want to increase their load to improve their sexual experience, here are some helpful ideas: Volume Pills

  • Make sure you eat well

Keeping an eye on what you put into your mouth can actually aid in improving the load you produce. Giving up processed items, sugary foods and junk while replacing it with fruits, dairy and vegetables can actually make you produce more cum and gain intense orgasms.

With healthy eating habits, your body is able to produce more sex hormone which increases your sex drive and production too. Not only this, but can actually improve your timing and reach a stronger climax.

  • Work out your muscles

Run, walk or hit the gym, just make sure you stay on your feet most of the time so that your muscles can stay stronger and active. By following a good workout routine you can actually strengthen your penile muscles for gaining harder erection and extreme orgasms. Also by being physical active, the blood circulation throughout the body will improve and so more blood will reach the penis as well. With good supple of nutrients and higher level of sex hormones, the penis will enhance in its size all naturally resulting in better and longer sex.

  • Reach new levels of orgasms

With so many male enhancement pills and creams available in the market, one is tempted to try some of these. Semenax is one product that surely works great. These pills are made from natural ingredients that give you 100% results and that too without any side effects. If you thought lasting longer in bed with firmer erection and intense pleasure was difficult, Semenax will make it all possible for you.

This pill absorbs in your blood stream to increase the production of sex hormones so that more blood reaches the penis. With more flow blood, the penile tissues gain strength and so you are able to perform better. Also it enhances your sex drive so that in extreme emotions you’re able to produce more cum and satisfy your partner until she screams with pleasure.

  • Avoid watching porn

Especially for guys, it is hard to control their feelings and they end watching porn every night to satisfy their inner beasts. But little do guys know hand job can actually weaken their penis and decrease their performance in bed. As much as you want to have sex, watching porn will only do harm to your penile strength. From effecting the erections to the amount of cum produced, masturbating is not really good for your penis’s health. So rather than wasting your load in the washroom, let it accumulate and then shoot it all out in your partner to make the most out of your sexual experience.

  • Say “no” to stress

Stress is definitely one big sperm killer. Try to relax your nerves in order to enhance your sexual performance and for that make sure you adopt a new hobby or workout. Finding a way to release your tension and stress can actually improve your sex drive, help in enhancing the size of your penis and improve your cum production. So next when you’re going to bang your partner, take a shower and relax yourself so that you can rock all night long.

  • Conclusion

Being able to bang your partner and make her scream in pleasure is what every men looks for. Semenax is the only product that will help you perform your best by enhancing your drive. Within a just few days of using these pills you will be able to feel a difference in your performance. Not only will you be able to ejaculate loads of cum but also enjoy intense orgasms.

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